DirectDrive System

  • Technology like this isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

    The performance of your spiral for cooling, freezing, or proofing predicts your product quality and line throughput. That performance is what we call Mission Critical.

    Intralox’s DirectDrive System eliminates overdrive and makes operation of your mission critical equipment reliably smooth, and perform without interruption. The key to this performance is the patented operating system, which engages the belt edge directly with the drum. This spiral system simplifies operations by significantly reducing tension and operating with zero slip.

    Improve efficiency  

    • Eliminate product orientation issues due to overdrive, and keep your product damage-free
    • Dramatically reduce unscheduled downtime from belt damage and failures
    • Increase product load capacity for maximum throughput

    Reduce total cost of ownership  

    • Decrease maintenance and cleaning costs while maximizing production time
    • Increase belt life due to reduced belt tension

    Receive reliable, consistent performance  

    • Ideal for your most challenging product applications
    Click here to see where you can see the DirectDrive System at an upcoming event
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