Intralox Hygienic System

  • Intralox Hygienic System

    Everyone offers solutions. Only Intralox has a complete system to meet the toughest hygienic challenges.

    Intralox is the pioneer of hygienic conveyance solutions, and continues to be the only global company that provides comprehensive, industry-specific solutions. The Intralox Hygienic System features four modules that offer total hygienic processing, allowing food manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and the highest possible food safety standards.

    Hygienic_belts_componentsHYGIENIC BELTS AND COMPONENTS 
    Research and DevelopmentRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

    Delivering Results that Matter

    Dramatic reductions in costs 

    • Increase efficiency and productivity 
    • Reduce operational cost and product loss

    Achieving the highest food safety standards

    • Rely on extensive in-house and field research to fight food safety risks
    • Get best in class hygienic technologies
    • Continuously improve through strategic consulting and in-house expertise

    Gaining the competitive edge in challenging markets

    • Protect your brand reputation 

    Education and empowerment

    • Become self-sustaining and independent through education and knowledge transfers from Commercial Food Sanitation, Customer Service and Technical Support