Van Roey

Decreased Cleaning Time and Water Usage with Intralox’s Clean In Place System

“I did not expect these CIP results, but they are very good, and I can recommend to all colleagues the Intralox hygienic belts series with inside/outside CIP units.”

Van Roey N.V. is a Belgium based shrimp processor specializing in the defrosting and packaging of cooked and peeled shrimp. They service the supermarket, hotel, catering, and food processing industries.

As a fresh food provider, eliminating contamination and upholding strict hygiene standards are of the highest importance to Van Roey. The plant is subject to regular inspections and audits from clients and official authorities. As a result, Van Roey workers strive to improve their production processes daily in order to meet the most stringent food and hygiene safety standards.

The Van Roey plant uses an elevator conveyor fitted with a belt from Intralox’s line of hygienic solutions. The Van Roey staff was pleased with the belt’s performance, but wished to reduce the time spent on manual cleaning and decrease their high water and energy consumption.

Van Roey installed the Intralox inside / outside Clean In Place (CIP) system on their elevator conveyor.  The CIP system provides an automated, cost-efficient, and thorough sanitation practice and is specifically engineered to optimally clean Intralox belts and sprockets.  Water pressure and temperature, as well as available water volume, were sufficient and the standard hose connections at Van Roey fitted perfectly with the CIP units. As a result, a Van Roey maintenance employee was able to install the system in just one hour without the need for any additional modifications.

After installing the inside / outside CIP system, Van Roey experienced a 75% reduction in cleaning time.  Sanitation personnel can now clean the belt and frame in 15 minutes. “The elevator conveyor used to be the most difficult and time consuming application to clean after each shift. Thanks to the CIP, the belt can now be cleaned more efficiently  and with the time spared, the cleaner has four hours a week to focus on other activities in my plant,” said the Director, Dirk van Roey.

Additionally, the warm water consumption used to clean the application has been reduced by 60%.  Visual checks show that the belt is now 100% free from small particles left on the underside of the belt. Most importantly, the exceptional hygiene of the Van Roey plant is proven by consistent swab tests. Dirk van Roey explains: “The CIP unit uses water much more efficiently than we were ever able to do when we were manually hosing off the belt. The CIP reaches the required level of cleanliness much quicker and with less water consumption than we were ever able to reach with manual cleaning.”

Dirk van Roey, the company’s director, said: “I did not expect these CIP results, but they are very good, and I can recommend to all colleagues the Intralox hygienic belts series with inside / outside CIP units.” 


Van Roey N.V., a shrimp processor


Elevator conveyor leading to packaging


Time-consuming manual belt cleaning


75% reduction in cleaning time

60% decrease in water consumption

Greatly improved sanitation 

Elevator conveyor at Van Roey