Saadet-Gida Eliminates Product Sticking and Improves Quality with Intralox Technology


Saadet Gida is a leading Turkish producer of confectionary products. With four plants and over 1500 employees, it manufactures candy, gum, chocolate and other products mainly for export to the United Kingdom, Middle East, Balkans, Russia, Turkic Republics and United States.



The Saadet plant in Silivri/Istanbul faced significant issues with product sticking on the conveyor belt in its cooling tunnel on the “Liquorice Candy” (a type of jelly gum) line. These issues resulted in product loss of 26 percent as well as product quality issues.



Saadet approached Intralox for support to resolve the product-sticking issue they experienced. After studying the application, Intralox recommended retrofitting the cooling tunnel with Intralox Series 1100 modular plastic belting in the appropriate material to avoid any product sticking and related issues. 



Saadet decided to follow Intralox recommendations and retrofitted the cooling tunnel to Intralox belt in June 2012. Following the retrofit, product sticking has been completely eliminated. As a result, cooling tunnel output has risen by 35 percent and product quality has improved significantly as well.

"Intralox helped me solve the product sticking issues we were  experiencing with the original cooling tunnel MPB conveyor belt for my Jellopy product. After replacing the earlier belt with the Intralox belt, the product sticking was eliminated, and my product waste went from 26 percent to 0 percent while product quality improved as well," said Saadet Gida Technical Manager Mr. Fehmi Kurt.


Liquorice Candy Cooling Tunnel

Intralox Series 1100 Modular Plastic Belting



  • Product sticking eliminated
  • Cooling tunnel output increased by 35 percent  
  • Product quality improved


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