São Salvador Alimentos

São Salvador Alimentos Simplifies Sanitation with ThermoDrive® Technology

The biggest benefit of ThermoDrive is the ease of cleaning and not having points of contamination, even in the splice. Maintaining ThermoDrive belts is super simple, and we also have an Intralox splicing machine in the event of an accident. The technical and commercial support Intralox brings—both pre- and post-sales—is very good and includes maintenance and hygiene training for our staff.Claudiney Santos, Maintenance Supervisor, São Salvador Alimentos

Customer Objectives
São Salvador Alimentos sanitation workers at the plant in Itaberaí, Goias, Brazil, were tired of spending long hours on hard-to-clean belts to meet the company’s high hygiene standards. No matter how thoroughly the workers cleaned, they believed the sanitation could be better. The Itaberaí plant wanted to find a hygienic way to convey its chicken cuts that simplified and reduced the time required for cleaning, and reduced bacterial counts.

Intralox Execution
Fortunately, Intralox® ThermoDrive belting provides exactly what São Salvador Alimentos needed. ThermoDrive technology combines the cleanability of solid homogeneous belting with the low-maintenance, tensionless operation of Intralox modular plastic belting. Made from homogeneous thermoplastic with 100% closed surfaces, ThermoDrive belts are a perfect solution for food-processing applications, especially those with strict sanitation and hygiene requirements.

The Itaberaí plant first installed Intralox ThermoDrive belting in its automatic deboning line, and then in its cut and offal room. The plant shortly realized the advantages that ThermoDrive technology brings, and adopted it as a standard for surfaces in direct contact with food. ThermoDrive belts were specified for an automatic evisceration project the next year.

Throughout all installations, Intralox experts provided strong support and seminars to ensure a smooth transition. The São Salvador Alimentos maintenance staff picked up on the technology very easily.

ThermoDrive belting has allowed São Salvador Alimentos’s sanitation team to access and wash conveyors in an entirely different way than before. Its simple operation provides a better, safer environment for the company’s products.

“ThermoDrive is very good for sanitation,” says Ricardo Souza, São Salvador Alimentos Quality Assurance Manager. “It has a smooth surface, so it does not collect waste and can be easily lifted during cleaning. We are very pleased with our microbiological results. An easy to sanitize belt combined with good procedures really makes a difference.”

Thanks to ThermoDrive technology, the Itaberaí plant met all of its goals. Swab counts are at desired levels, and cleaning time is much shorter. São Salvador Alimentos plans to work with Intralox on any future conveyance projects.