Plastic Chains

  • Order plastic conveyor chains through Intralox for convenience, services, and support

    Intralox offers plastic conveyor chains* backed by its industry-leading customer support and guarantees.  Equipment manufacturers and end users can turn to a single source to purchase plastic chain belts alongside Intralox’s other belt and technology offerings.

    Ordering through Intralox for plastic conveyor chains or snap-on chains ensures not only the convenience of partnering with just one vendor, but also Intralox’s industry expertise, award-winning customer service and support, and unmatched guarantees, including same-day shipping availability.

    • Plastic Chain Models: 820, 821, 831, 878, 879, 880, 882, and 1060
    • Chain components can be used as drop-in replacements for like model chains
    • Sprockets are available for both drive and idle shafts (drive with keyway, idle without) 
    • Straight running, Sideflexing and magnetic variants are available.

    *Ask if these products are available in your area