• Proven solutions for tortilla processing and tortilla cooling conveyors  

    Intralox modular plastic conveyor belt solutions deliver advantages over other technologies for tortilla processing and tortilla cooling conveyors. For years, our solutions have been increasing line efficiency on traditional applications like multi-tiered coolers, spiral, counter-stackers, and packaging conveyors.  

    Leading tortilla manufacturers have seen a 100% decrease in unscheduled downtime and maintenance and 50% decrease in belt replacement costs by implementing an Intralox solution for tortilla cooling conveyors. These improvements have netted dramatic throughput increases for our customers.

     “Our decision to retrofit the multi-tiered coolers in all of our plants was based primarily on the Intralox belt’s ability to eliminate downtime and the potential for metal contamination in our products. The level of service and technical assistance that they were able to offer to our company provided added benefits that make us value our partnership with Intralox even more.” 

    Guillermo Gonzalez, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing, Mission Foods


    Tortilla Dough Handling

    Intralox’s ThermoDrive® technology ensures reliable, hygienic performance on tortilla dough-handling conveyors. Unlike traditional flat belts, ThermoDrive belts drive on sprockets like a modular plastic belt and are not under tension, enabling easy lifting for conveyor cleaning and solving nearly all traditional flat belt problems.

    “Knowing of the success [of] the ThermoDrive technology minimized the risk for us. After analyzing those results and seeing the improvements it’s already delivered to our plant…we know that ThermoDrive is the right solution for us.”

    Mr. Lagarde, Plant Manager, East Balt Bakeries


    Case and Package Handling

    Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology brings the benefits of modular plastic belting to common tortilla case and package handling applications, such as sorting, merging, and switching. ARB equipment solutions enable key benefits, including line flexibility, increased throughput, reduced footprint, and simplified controls.

    “I was amazed that such a simple solution could eliminate labor and waste. The Intralox ARB technology paid for itself in less than six months.”

     Mike Marsh, Vice President, Pattco, Inc.