Why Work at Intralox

  • Intralox is a great place to work.

    “It’s a very dynamic work environment. As we are continually helping our customers improve their productivity, it creates a very positive work atmosphere. And of course we have the greatest colleagues. There are just too many reasons to list why this company is such a great one to work for…you have to experience it for yourself!”

    Karin, Account Representative, Amsterdam


    Do you have a great idea?

    All Intralox employees are encouraged to submit new product concepts or other ideas that they think may improve the company and provide a better experience for our customers. Ideas matter to us: our business is built on ideas and the belief that even better ideas are always possible.

    What is your passion?

    As a market leader in so many industries around the world, Intralox offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals to pursue the career they’ve always wanted. Our track record of continued growth and profitability, and the commitment to continue that trend, means you can develop your career with us now and in the future.

    Do you like challenges?

    Our culture is grounded in the concept of self-management—Intralox employees think and behave like they are owners of the company. In practice, this means that our employees work independently, identify opportunities for progress, make decisions, push for what they believe in, make it happen, and see the results of their contribution. 

    Is your career important to you?

    Intralox’s Performance Improvement Plans, regular and planned performance evaluations, and management assessments give employees the ability to manage their own development, while being provided the tools and guidance to build their career. Each manager’s number one priority is to make his/her employees more successful. Employees can expect continual feedback, both positive and constructive, to provide them with the knowledge and direction to improve and succeed.

    Do you want to work for a leader?

    Intralox is the world’s leading supplier of modular plastic conveyor belt products and services. We invented modular plastic belting technology over thirty years ago and have maintained this leadership position ever since by delivering economic value to our customers that is real and sustainable.

    Do you like working in a team?

    Intralox encourages employees to participate in various team efforts, where employees are able to talk freely with each other and share opinions. This creates a family atmosphere in which everyone can contribute.

    Is work serious business to you?

    It is to us, but not always! We kick back and have a good time with each other, both at work and when the day is done. Whether it’s welcoming new employees at meet-and-greet parties, competing in our annual global football game, participating in an “Intralox Goes Hollywood” training event, or shooting hoops at the company family picnic, Intralox employees make time to punctuate a job well done with a healthy dose of fun.

    Do you value diversity?

    Our four business units span industries as well as countries across the globe. Working at Intralox means engaging with people from different countries, languages, professions, and points of view. There are no barriers to creating new and innovative concepts and real solutions that save manufacturers money every day, in all parts of the world.

    Do you want to make a difference?

    At Intralox, every employee is a valued contributor to the success of the company.

    How do you feel about change?

    Working at Intralox means progress, and progress can’t happen without change. This change brings opportunities for employees to sharpen their talents, develop new capabilities, welcome new roles and new colleagues, and be part of a fast-paced environment that is nimble and ready to respond to our customers’ changing business needs.

    What should you be compensated?

    We put our employees first, and this shows in our benefits and compensation system. Although benefits differ per global location, an employee’s total compensation is competitive with the local market. More importantly, employees benefit from their hard work and the company’s financial success through our profit-sharing programs.